4 Great COVID-19 Testing Options in Mexico

Mexico is still a major travel destination for Americans because it does not require a Negative COVID-19 test to enter, BUT a test is required to return back to the US. (This is in place even for people who have been vaccinated)

Here are 4 Options on how you can get your COVID test while in Mexico for a safe return.

  1. At the airport! This is my favorite option because it’s the cheapest and the fastest. I received my results in less than 30 minutes for an antigen test and it was $290 pesos $19 USD. * To be safe give yourself an hour but you’ll most likely get your results in 30 minutes or less. I really think more countries should start implementing this and even more US airports. (This is the option I recommend if you’re not staying at an all inclusive that provides tests on site and for free.)

  2. Before/After some excursions. Some excursions and even beach clubs now have mobile testing sites that can email you your results within 48 hours or less. Price ranges from $20-$50 USD. This is a really dope concept to me. The fun never has to stop.

  3. Clinics throughout Mexico. While this is still an option, it’s the one I least recommend. Some airlines may not take your results as legitimate and you’re likely to spend between $50-$200 USD.

  4. With most all inclusive resorts and some hotels, you’re able to get your test on site for FREE. Make sure to verify this when booking and at check-in. Some require you to register for a time slot and some are walk up. Expect results in 72 hours or less.

I still think the Caribbean and Mexico are great quick trip getaways during this ongoing uncertain time. These destinations are catering to tourist and making sure you have everything you need for a safe return to the United States.

If you prefer video, HERE is my recent live going over these options in more depth as well!

Until Next time, Stay Safe & Stay Trippin'