4 Tips to Stay Sane While in Quarantine!

One city and state after the other have all taken action to put in place executive orders and mandates to ensure our safety due to COVID-19. Whether this is week 1 or week 4, all of us are starting to transition from being home sick to sick of home. There is snacking going on around the clock, pajamas are worn every hour of the day and Netflix is running out of good shows to watch. So what now? Here’s 4 tips to keep you from going insane, even if only temporarily.


The quickest way to make this feel a little easier is by changing your way of thinking. This is how you can do it. Stop thinking of the quarantine as a punishment and start looking at it like your doing the world a favor. That's exactly what you're doing! By staying in, you are decreasing the amount of people you come in contact with and containing the spread.


A routine gives a sense of normalcy, something we're all craving right now. I've seen so many people say their new sleeping schedule is 3am-10am now. Try to keep up with the sleep routine you had prior to the stay at home orders. Wake up, shower, get dressed, make breakfast, do something productive and have some down time too but try to keep it as normal and consistent as possible.


There is a lot of fear placed on the general public by nonstop negative press about COVID-19. I'm not saying don't be informed, just tailor the input and reliability of the source. I saw a hour and half long program the other day titled, "Corona: Facts and Fears." It may have had some good information but how much more fearful would you be after watching that?


There's these two post roaming around social media, I'm sure you've seen them. Honestly, they're both true. No, you do not need to be productive every minute of the day, but if you are you shouldn't feel guilty about that. The same goes for the other side. No, you do not have to quarantine and chill every minute of the day, but if you do, don't feel guilty about it either. You're entitled to do what makes you feel happiest and sane during this unprecedented time. No one really has all the answers, but if you want to be more productive here are a few things you could do.

  • Workout: Just because the gyms are closed doesn't mean you can't workout any more. Still want to uphold those New Year's goals you set? Here's a fun workout that you can try at home.

  • Read a new book: Use this time to read that book you've been saying you wanted to read since last year. It doesn't have to be business orientated, it can just be a great novel or nonfiction book.

  • Try a new recipe: I don't know about y'all, but I've never had so much time to cook, bake, make smoothies and really just spend time in the kitchen. There's even a lot of fun and cute cocktail ideas I've seen lately too.

  • Learn a new skill: Youtube University is still open and jumpin'. This can be anything from learning how to edit, a new hairstyle, DIYs and everything else under the sun YouTube provides info on. Depending on your niche and interest there's a butt load of info that you can learn, especially with you're new found down time.

  • Take time to Self-Care: Do this with a specific intention in mind. Do a face mask, take a bubble bath, deep condition your hair, binge watch Netflix. Whatever it is, take your time to unwind and be mindful of which attribute you are contributing to.

No one is really positive about when this will be over. Check on your friends and family, but don't forget to check on yourself too. Personally I can't wait to travel internationally again, but will be patient and wait until I know it's safe.

Until Next time, Stay Safe!

Ariel Rose