Balance School And Travel in 5 Easy Steps

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Believe it or not, traveling regularly throughout the school year helps me be a better student. Think about it. Schools specific place breaks around midterms and other stressful periods of the year in order to give students time to recoup, catch up or get ahead. Even going on a quick ”staycation” can allow you to walk away from a stressful situation, assignment or environment and come back refreshed and ready to tackle it with a new frame of mind.

1. Make the Perfect Schedule

Plan out your schedule a few days before registration by creating a table. This really helped me! This way I could make sure my classes didn’t over lap and could strategically place them in a pattern. For example, I would place all my classes on only Mondays and Wednesdays or Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but I would always try to avoid having a class on both Monday and Friday. If you don’t have Monday and Friday classes you automatic have a long weekend all semester. As a freshman, this may be more difficult. Some universities, such as mine, has your adviser make your first semester schedule. Because of this, you don’t have much say over your schedule. I still encourage you to take a trip or two during this period. Stay on top of your school work and have some fun too.

Example of the table I use to create the perfect schedule

2. Get Ahead on Assignments

This is partly why I feel traveling during the semester helps you as a student. One of my biggest problems as a student, which a lot of us deal with, is procrastination. Let’s say you have an assignment due Friday at 11:59pm but you’re leaving for a trip Thursday afternoon. Make sure you turn that assignment in ahead of time because we all know you don’t want to be worried about it when you’re relaxing on vaca. I personally don’t like doing school work on trips, but I do like being productive during my travel process. If it is an assignment I know I can finish on my flight or during my friends turn to drive I will take it with me. But please believe, the moment I hit my destination I’m not looking at that assignment again. That doesn’t mean turn in a half finished assignment or just throw it together, really focus on it and turn it in so you don’t even have to worry about it.

3. Travel Outside Of Peak Season

The luxury about traveling while in school is that you have the freedom to travel outside of peak season. Feel like getting away to the beach for the weekend in October because you have Fall Pause? You will find great deals! Take advantage of those random days off, especially if they’re not days off for holidays. You’ll likely find flights and accommodations at a lower rate since it’s not a popular holiday season. My university had both Fall Pause and Spring Pause and I took full advantages of those breaks.

4. Be Spontaneous!

See an amazing fare on Spirit, Kayak or Google flights? Take it! Honestly, being a student can be a luxury and we have to make the most out of it while we have this time. Buy that weekend round trip fare you found for under $100. When will you have this time back? Check out my last blog Ariel Rose’s Go To Sites To Find Cheap Flights to see how you can take advantage of spontaneous low fares.