Cheap Fares | My $15 Flight

Yup, you read that right. I booked a flight for $15 and here’s how it went. When I originally saw it, it actually said $12. Those pesky taxes. You guessed it. I flew on the yellow tube, Spirit, and I would do it again! With Covid 19 closing down borders to Americans left and right, travelers have begun to explore the States way more than ever before.

I’ll be completely honest. I was that person that was super quick to go somewhere international rather than go cross country. I haven’t been back to California in years because more than once I was able to book a flight and accommodations out of the country for the same price the airfare alone would be to go there. But here’s a heads up, I’m heading to Cali next month and booked my round trip flight for $115! Subscribe to the blog to get details on how I did it!


I found my $12 flight on Skyscanner. My new favorite app to book flights on. When I finally went to the Spirit site the price ended up being $15 but hey, I wasn’t going to get upset about $3. The flight was from CLT to MIA. This route is usually pretty cheap to begin with. Flights on Spirit for this route are typically around $50. Still a great deal, but you literally can’t beat $15. Whenever I catch fares like this I usually buy them on the spot. I see it as a win-win situation. You buy a super cheap flight and spend more on accommodations and experiences or you’re not able to catch the flight and you’re only out $15.


This was my first flight since March that offered food and beverage service on board again. I’ve done 4 roundtrip flights in the meantime: MIA to ATL (twice), MIA to VEGAS and MIA to CLT. That was a little surprising to me but masks are still mandatory on all flights. The flight wasn’t completely full but almost there. I definitely felt safe and the plane was sanitized.


A lot of people are anti-Spirit. Even Drake said, “I’m all for spiritual lifting' but, I don’t fly spirit.” I mean he doesn’t have to. But for the young millennial, that’s still career hunting or even secure in their job but looking out for their coins, it’s a great option. I have flown domestically and internationally on Spirit. My personal rule of thumb is booking flights 2 hours or less. There’s exceptions to this but this time bracket is typically what I go by.

It wasn't my first time flying Spirit and it won't be my last. As much as people try to play them, they've always been a dependable and affordable way to travel. I've also mastered the key to packing a personal item and will be sharing that with you all soon! Even major airlines like United charge you for a carry on. Other major airlines like American charge for choosing your seat. So many of them are very similar so there's no point in downplaying Spirit like it's doing the bare minimum.

When you want to get away fast and affordably it's a smart play almost every time.

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Until Next Time Stay Safe and Stay Trippin'

Ariel Rose