Explore Belize - Culture & Luxury Travel Guide

Belize is this wonder of a country that sits within Central America but makes you think you’re on a small island in the Caribbean. The warm feeling it gives you from the moment you land is unforgettable. If Belize hasn’t made it to your bucket list of destinations yet, I’ll definitely change your mind!

A typical trip for me is about 3-4 days. It may seem difficult to really see a country and have a full experience during that short time, but I promise it’s possible. This was a fully packed quick trip that was full of culture and adventure. Definitely one of my highlights for travel in 2021.

Entry Protocol:

We’re far into 2021 now but have yet to escape from corona, so COVID-19 entry protocols are still in place.

Protocol for entry into Belize for US citizens:

  1. Stay at a golden property (these are specified on the government website)

  2. Have a negative test PCR within 96 hours OR Rapid Antigen test within 48 hours of travel

  3. Enjoy your time!

Remember that these are the protocols as of August 2021. Make sure to reference the Belizean government website for updated information here.

I have been actively traveling internationally since October of 2020 and seen the varying changes in protocol over the last 10 months. Belize was without a doubt one of the smoothest travel processes I’ve had in semi “post-COVID” time.

Their simple 1, 2, 3 step entry makes it so you can have a seamless travel experience.

Besides wanting to have fun on vacation I also want to feel safe. I stayed at Hamanasi Resort & Adventure. They provided COVID-19 testing on site for return to the USA. Their staff and safety protocols would definitely keep me coming back.