Explore Houston, Texas

Houston is one of those locations you have to knock off your Big City Bingo. There's a ton to see, eat and do. Whether you're going with your crew or your bae, everyone can find something to do in this exploration of Houston.

Downtown Houston

Houston Airports

Houston has 2 major airports. When deciding to take a trip to Houston, make sure you search for flights going into both airports to compare prices. This will ensure you're getting the best deal. George Bush International Airport (IAH) tends to have great deals with United Airlines (the major hub at this airport) and American Airlines, while William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) tends to have good deals from Southwest Airlines. The 2 airports are about 35 minutes apart so you are centrally located no matter which airport you go into, which is great news for you.

How To Get Around

Texas in general is really spread out, so personally I would recommend renting a car if you're able to. When we went out at night we took a Lyft since we were drinking, but the car was very useful during day activities. The last time I visited I stayed in an Airbnb in Bellaire, Texas, which is just outside of Houston. If Airbnbs in the Houston perimeter are looking a little pricey for you, I would definitely recommend this area.

Night on the Town

I'm a true East Coast Girl and it's true that we definitely party better, I mean "differently", than the midwest and west coast. If you're in the same boat as me be aware that all the bars/clubs in Houston close at 2am so plan accordingly. The day and night going out moves somewhat move in a wave where everyone jumps from one location to the next. If you hit a spot at the wrong time it may seem lame but it was jumping just an hour ago. Check out these locations social media outlets to make sure you're at the right spot at the right time. This is way it's also an advantage having a car.

Day Parties

Clé ~ If you're looking for a day pool party, this is the place. They aren't daily so make sure you check their site calendar or their IG to be sure there's going to be one during your trip.

The Address ~ A great spot for an after brunch day party. There's a huge covered outdoor area with a DJ as well as a good sized indoor area with a full bar. It really starts getting good about 3 pm. They have another very large area that is a legit club that's blocked off during the day. I wasn't able to go there at night but I've heard great reviews about it.

Night Clubs

Clé ~ Thursday Nights ~ One of the most talked about places in the city. They usually having host for their night events. If you want to know who might be there check the site or their IG.

Prospect Park ~ Friday Nights ~ This place is actually a sports bar that changes into a lounge at night. There's a large patio at the front with sections or if you have a big party going out to eat. They have hookahs and a full bar.

Mynt ~ Friday Nights

Dior ~ Saturday Nights ~ I wasn't about to make it to this club on my last trip but its the one I hear most about. Check out their website and IG to know what host and special events they have every week.

On Sunday We Brunch