How I'm Flying Round Trip to Peru for Under $350 USD

Yeah you read that right. Our flight and accommodations are always the bulk of a trip. I'm not saying I've perfected the art of booking flights, but it's definitely a talent and I'm getting pretty good at it.

The Peruvian Airport

If you're flying to Peru there's a 9/10 chance you're flying into Lima. My final destination is Cusco and later on in my trip Machu Picchu. That was my dilemma. Delta flights don't fly directly into Cusco but there were other major airlines that did. The problem was that they weren't my preferred airlines, especially for an extended international flight. So I found Avianca Airlines which is actually a Colombian airline and a goldmine! Baggage is included on all flights and when I say they're cheap, they're like Spirit special cheap but not having to pay for the air you breathe. I had to book one ways since my travel schedule is somewhat hectic but my round trip total with Avianca LIM-CUZ and CUZ-LIM was $175. But get this, that's more than I spent on my round trip from FLL-LIM.

How I Used My Delta Card

At the time of my purchase I had a little over 32,000 miles left. Most flights I was looking at were around $880 and my Study Abroad Direct mentioned that the typical rate she sees around this time is between $1200-1400. Needless to say, I wasn't going to pay that. I began to search for the miles option even though I thought I couldn't have nearly enough miles. Turns out I was right (lol) BUT the cash and miles option looked really promising. I was only about 200 miles off but luckily you can purchase miles. The deal for the round trip flight was 34,000 miles and $75.00. With the $70 I paid for an additional 2,000 miles (Delta's least amount available), I was able to round out my trip total at $320. (Plus I gain some miles back on this trip!)

Benefits of the Delta Gold Card

Being from Atlanta I'm a true Delta girl with ATL being its biggest hub. Last year I decided that if I am going to use a credit card to build my credit, I might as well get some type of perks from it. I applied for Delta's Gold American Express card after being referred by my brother and I haven't looked back. Along with getting 2 miles for every dollar spent through Delta you also gain a mile for every dollar you spend on eligible products. What is also very beneficial to me is their partnership with Lyft. Every mile you travel on Lyft translates to air miles. The bonus miles you obtain when you get accepted is also a huge incentive. Usually it's 30,000 miles but try to wait for one of the 50,000-60,000 miles bonus specials.

I look forward to getting my miles back up and splurging (and saving) on my next trip!

Happy Travels!