How to Build Your Personal Brand During Quarantine

I want to make this super clear, NOW IS THE TIME! If you were waiting for a sign, this is it. We're going into a month or more of quarantine and even though there's talk about opening America back up, there's really no telling when it'll happen. Have you checked your screen time on your phone lately? It's higher isn't it? We've been staying in leading us to scroll on our socials more than ever, reading, taking free courses and thinking of side hustles. So why not build your personal brand, because let's be honest we got time.

In a day in age when you can make money from your phone in a million different ways, why aren't you getting in on it? If you think it's not the same because of the quarantine, simply scroll on your feed for 10 minutes and count the amount of ads, sponsored posts and paid partnerships you pass. They still exist right now, right? Let's say you don't know how to get started or you've started but you're stuck or inconsistent. Here's what's important to do now!

What is a Personal Brand?

Your personal brand is centered completely around you. It is a mix of your values, interest, personality and everything that makes you, you.

So how do you utilize this?

o you know what your passions are? Are you really good at a certain skill? Do you just love speaking to people? Figuring this out is where you need to start. Take 10 minutes to fill out this worksheet to break these areas down and see what you're really into. Really brainstorm and put thought into it.

What's next?

Being a personal brand is being a business within yourself, but no one knows a business exists if they never announce it right? First things first, bring you branding to the forefront of your platform. You can do this in a number of ways. Here's a few ideas:

  1. Do an introduction post: Introduce yourself to your followers or subscribers by sharing some fun facts, goals, what you want to bring to them and just have fun with it. *Pro Tip: Ask your followers to share something about themselves too. Engagement is so important to growing your following and in turn building your personal brand.

  2. Optimize your bio: Allow anyone that is new or returning to your page to know exactly why they're there. Utilize the Name and Bio sections on your profile to do this.

  3. Be Consistent: Consistency is key in any and everything you do in life. Within your personal brand, that means being consistent in the content you post and how often you post. *Pro Tip: Use multiple features such as post, stories, polls, IGTV and so much more of what IG has to offer. This is really important in Instagram and pushes your content.

Get Started!

You can start building your personal brand today. There's no money up front, it's free! All you have to do is put in the effort. These are just the first stepping stones to bring the idea of making yourself into a personal brand a reality. Ignore the naysayers and the critics, you're a boss and you got this!

Want more detail on the topics discussed above? Watch the video below!

Until Next time, Stay Safe!

Ariel Rose