How to Sneak Liquor Onto A Cruise Ship

Congratulations, you’re going on vacation! You found a cruise for a great price that you just couldn’t pass up. The great part about cruises is that its an all inclusive setting with the exception of a few things like excursions, some dinner options and the holy grail - liquor. Now you’re wondering how to keep your low cost trip, low cost.

To be clear, I’m not telling you all to sneak liquor on to your cruise ship. I’m only giving you some tools and it’s up to you to do what you want with it. On the ship drinks from the bar are like club prices and so are the bottles if you’re thinking of taking that route. The cruise companies try to finesse with drink bundles/tickets sometimes. This offer would look something like 10 drink tickets for $120. If you want to avoid the antics all together, here’s how.

If you’ve never been on a cruise before the “TSA” process is a much simpler concept than in the airport. Your bag will go through an X-ray scanner, so there is some finesse that has to be done on your end so your liquor is not detectable. If you dont use these strategies and just place a whole bottle in your suite case it will get ceased. Don’t worry. It’s not like they won’t let you on the ship but you definitely will be heading in without that bottle you where thinking of popping the moment you got to your room.


The plastic flask works perfectly because it won’t be detected by the metal detector. Place it in your checked luggage and you’ll be good to go. They are a little flexible and will easily blend with your folded clothes.

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The cruise companies have caught on to the old mouth wash method so now we have to be a little more creative. Amazon has some of the best decoy bottles you could think of that actually work! Even better, they are reasonably priced. These can look like shampoo and conditioner sets or sunscreen bottles. Some even come with a sealable lid to make it even more secure in your bag and less suspicious to the person checking your bag.

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Let’s say the crew got a little more lit than expected, you’re only half way through your voyage and you need to re-up. This method is the perfect answer for that. When you reach your port you can replenish your supply from the island your on but make sure the whole bottle is plastic. When getting back on the ship, you will most likely go through a metal detector. Having a plastic bottle (and cap!) with combat this. The bright side on this method is even if they do take it, it will be collected and given to you when you get off the ship unlike when you first come on and they just throw it out.

Now let’s talk about how you would get caught . . .


Water and alcohol have different chemical properties so they react different when shaken up. If you shake a normal water bottle the bottles go away quickly, with liquor not so much. BUSTED.


This is honestly the easiest way to get your liquor taken before you even get to the ship. Save yourself the time and don’t even try it. Put it in your checked luggage.


The mouth wash trick is so known now that it simply won’t work. Don’t waste the mouth wash, your money or risk making your liquor taste weird with food coloring. Instead look up the plastic flask or decoy bottles mentioned above.

Now that you know how and how not to get caught it’s party time! Remember to always drink responsibly and be safe. Until Next Time, Stay Trippin’!