How Travel Helps Fight Depression

Mental health is just as important as physical health. It’s important to continually develop both in your strive to be a better, healthier version of yourself. Roughly, 1 in 5 adults in the United States experiences a mental illness with anxiety and depression being the most prevalent of them all. In order to combat this, my favorite answer is travel! Don’t understand how this works? Allow me to break it down for you.

When life seems to be mundane and routine, we need a break to spice up our lives. Traveling is perfect for that because it stimulates your mind and body even before you’re on the trip. Simply the anticipation of going on your trip creates so much excitement that you’re bound to get out of your funk.


Experience what it’s like to be a local. Of course be safe, but this is one of my favorite things to do when I go on a trip. Go into the local areas. I like to check out local restaurants, clubs and small shops that natives are actually at. Speak to people in your excursion groups, ask them for their name, have conversations with your server and even the person working the front desk at your hotel. That person that you see at work that’s always uptight or the cashier at your coffee shop that seems to hate their job, they’re not there. Really enjoy seeing and experiencing new people with new conversations that you’ve never had before.


One of the most therapeutic things you can do is express yourself truly and unapologetically as you are. Unplug and live your life to the fullest for you! Whatever exciting thing you see, do it. Whatever food you want to try, try it. This trip is all for you and it’s all about making you feel like you’re filling your purpose by expressing yourself in the most authentic way possible.


My recent move to Miami showed me how prevalent this is. Here we call them snowbirds, individuals who live up north or in the Midwest and come to Florida every winter in order to get away from the cold. Some doctors even prescribe to patients to go on a cruise or go to somewhere sunny during those cold months. It is unsure if it’s the actual sun itself or the trip that makes the difference, but either way it seems to do the trick.


While being immersed in nature, exploring a new city or going on an excursion, you’re not indulged in your phone. That means you don’t have to be worried about the stress or drama going on back home. You are able to experience new things allowing you to break the cycle of your routine. You feel more alive! Getting out of what you’re accustomed to allows you to focus on other elements that aren’t typically in your day-to-day life.


One of the biggest contributors to your mental health is relationships with others. If you’re traveling, you’re bound to ask somebody for directions, where you should go for dinner or where is the best place to book an excursion. If you’re traveling solo this is especially true. You’re more likely to meet people and interact with them when you travel solo. I went into more details about this in my perivous blog The Pro’s and Con’s of traveling Solo. In my solo travels I've made friends that I continue to comnect with even after were back home. Feeding off a new friend’s energy as you both try something you've never before is an amazing feeling.

While it may not be the whole answer it is a step in the right direction. Sometimes simply getting away in the middle of a stressful situation allows you to come back to it with a refreshed mind that allows you to handle the situation even better. Do yourself a favor and enjoy life.

Until Next Time, Stay Trippin’!