Let's Talk About Captions + Hot, Warm and Cold Followers


Captions has basically become a category in social media to analyse within itself. It's really important for you to test out what really works for you and your audience. There are some captions that are paragraphs long and they're not spaced properly, which can make it seem like a daunting task to read. In a way they can even seem intimidating. There are exceptions to this. Maybe it's a topic you really care about knowing more information on or you're just genuinely interested. Even in that case, it would be way more inviting to read if it was spaced in a manner that made it flow easier.


Micro blogging is something that is a newer concept. Captions are moving away from just being short song lyrics to actually bring thought out summaries, insights or educational information. This is where you have to play with it. Being able to understand your analytics also helps with this, and a video and blog post on that will be coming soon on that as well. In "micro blogging" your caption, you would basically be giving your audience a snippet of what your blog will be about in more detail than just telling them the title. Remember, this doesn't work for everyone. You have to listen to your audience. Playing with this by testing out different lengths, language and info is a way of knowing exactly what works for you.


There are a few reasons a longer caption might help you in the long run.

  1. Your audience will think you care. Having an engaged audience is extremely important especially as a micro influencer.

  2. You are providing information. People are more likely to follow you when they believe they are getting something out of the relationship. When you are able to give them info on something they didn't know, want to know or get better at they are more likely to engage.

  3. People will spend more time on your page. Instagram's algorithm is very complex but now it even takes note of the amount of time people spend your page. If Instagram notices a longer period of time, they are more likely to boost it more since the algorithm is taking it as people are genuinely interested in your post.


This terminology is used to describe followers who you engage with from the most to the least. This is a fairly new concept.

  • Hot Followers: These are the people that always come up at the top of your feed every time you enter the app. If they post, it's instantly on your feed. Maybe it's your best friend, celeb crush or someone that inspires you but its someone who you spend a lot of your time on their page or the engagement between the two of you is very high.

  • Warm Followers: These are people you still engage with but just not as much. Someone that shows up after you've scrolled for awhile or someone that comes up 10th on your story list.

  • Cold Followers: These are people who you probably forgot you were even following, because you never see their content. This could be because they are an inconsistent poster or you truly just have no engagement with them.

Instagram has a great new feature where it tells you the 50 people who show up on your feed the most and the 50 people that you engage with the least. You can find it in the "following" section on your profile. This is really helpful because that gives you the exact information of your hot, warm and cold followers. I expand on this more in the video below!

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Until Next time, Stay Safe

Ariel Rose