Moxy East Village NYC Hotel - Hotel Review

Still in the mist of COVID, I made a trip to one of the locations that was effected by the pandemic the most but still one of my favorite cities in the world, NYC. About a year into the pandemic, I returned to NYC to see how the city has changed or stayed the same and how the city and properties are keeping their staff and tourist safe.

I've always wanted to stay at a Moxy Property in a few states and finally got the opportunity in NYC! Moxy East Village NYC is the perfect mix of retro and futuristic.


Moxy East Village is located in the heart of East Village in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. For all my budget travelers like myself, this is the perfect property to stay at! It gives you all the feels of luxury without the crazy price tag.

I flew into Newark and the Lyft ride was about 35 minutes, but it's also 25 minutes from LGA and 40 from JFK.


Check in was very easy and the front desk attendant was very attentive. Due to COVID regulations from the state and the property, they provided COVID tracing & acknowledgement forms. I was done with the check in process in under 7 minutes.

I have worked as a front desk attendant before and greatly appreciate how helpful and attentive they were to letting us know about the property and our room. They genuinely seems happy for us to be there and that gives you such a good feeling.

The elevator was actually one of my favorite elements in the Moxy. Getting into it felt like you were walking into a different world. For your safety, you need your room key to operate the elevator.


We were fortunate enough to experience one of the larger rooms in the property. Honestly, for a NYC hotel room it was soo big. I loved the open floor plan and the shower. Y'all know I love a good shower. The "wall closet" was a concept I had never seen before but I actually really liked it.

From the emerald green sink to the square toilet and huge shower, the bathroom was probably the highlight of the room. The room is furnished with a mini steamer (as opposed to an iron), hairdryer and typically toiletries.

You can do almost everything from the room's TV. You can even have a bedtime story read to you on the retro hotel phone.

Room Types

I honestly love the versatility in their room styles. There are 4 different room types, but we stayed in a double double.

  • Standard Queen: This is a one bed and is perfect for a couple or someone traveling solo.

  • Double Queen: This is the style room we stayed in. Typically this will be one of the bigger rooms in the property.

  • Queen and Day Bed: This is great for couples that are traveling with a child.

  • 4 Singles: I personally think this is great for a girls/guys trip so you all can have your own bed and space to yourself.


The Alphabet Bar & Cafe

The cafe is on the main level and gives you a feeling of nostalgia as soon as you walk in. There's ample seating so you can easily be socially distanced. The room has a book cart from a local book store and you're welcome to take a book and leave one for another guest. VHS tapes, records and even a skee-ball machine fill the room and make you feel like you're in a classic time. This is also where you can grab your breakfast in the morning.


I will most definitely be staying at more Moxy properties in the future. From the staff to the decor, I truly had a great stay. I had a late flight but was able to leave my luggage at the property as I did some shopping and went to brunch.

I love staying in the city, especially in lower Manhattan so I really liked the location. There are multiple subway stations nearby so you are able to get around the entire city very easily. An Uber/Lyft was never more than 8 minutes away.

There is a ton of good food options on and around the property. I wish the Cathedral was open while I was there, but it is currently closed due to COVID. On my next trip to NYC, hopefully I will be able to go. I've seen photos of the restaurant and it's absolutely stunning.

The Moxy Hotels are all throughout the US and I plan to stay at many more. The room rates average around $84 - $150/night. Honestly, the experience and uniqueness of each property is more than worth it. I would love to go back in the summer to experience the rooftop bar they are currently working on!

Until Next Time, Stay Safe & Stay Trippin'

Ariel Rose

This was a sponsored stay and all opinions are my own. All photos by the author.