One Day In Charleston + Insta Worthy Locations

Charleston is this cute little city with a big vibe. There's great food, the beach feels and a cute buzzing city. Since my move, I am only a few hours away from Charleston and took advantage of that last weekend. If you're looking for a quick getaway for a baecation, girls weekend or family friendly trip - Charleston has a little bit of everything. I'll share with you the spots that I ate at, landmarks I stopped at and of course the insta worthy photo locations.


For me this was a smooth 3 hour drive. I use to be somewhat anti-roadtrips, but in the day and age of Covid19 domestic travel is an Americans best chance at a change of location. If you’re in the southeast, like the majority of my followers and readers are, the drive is mainly highway all the way. The beaches are open there right now too. You are able to dine in at their restaurants and for the most part, it’s business as usual. In the city, it almost gives you a French Quarters feel like you would get in New Orleans.


Leon's Oyster Shop

We wanted outdoor seating and they have this super cute area around back called the oyster shed. The area is covered and they have fans throughout so you have a nice outdoor experience without feeling too hot or being disturbed by passersby or traffic. I wasn't the biggest fan of oysters before going here but they changed my opinion on them. Ironically, they're also well known for their fried chicken so I had to see what they were talking about. We order The Char-Grilled Oysters, Raw Oysters, Fried Brussel Sprouts, Crab Louie, Leon's Big Chicken Platter and Leon's Fish Fry. For the sides, we had Marinated Cucumber Salad, Cole Slaw and Scalloped Potatoes. It was four of us eating and this was more than enough food for all of us. Honestly, the fried chicken was better than I was expecting. They have this hot honey that you absolutely have to eat with it. Overall I had a great experience there from the ambiance to the food.


Ranking of Food:

  1. Leon's Big Chicken Platter

  2. Char-Grilled Oysters

  3. Friend Brussel Sprouts (ever since I started air frying my brussels, they're my new favorite side)

  4. Crab Louie

  5. Leon's Fish Fry

  6. Raw Oysters ( this ranked this low because I don't love raw oysters but the locally sourced ones were my preferred choice.)

Ranking of sides:

  1. Marinated Cucumber Salad (I may be biais, I do cucumber salad at the house on the regular.)

  2. Scalloped Potatoes

  3. Cole Slaw ( I didn't try it, it could honestly be good)


This is a great spot to end the night. If you're in the mood for the best spiked milkshake this is the place to go. We all got something different and it was all good. We ordered a slice of Red Velvet Cake, a slice of Double Chocolate, Brownie Sundae and a Banana Foster Spiced Milkshake.

Where: 2 Magnolia Rd, Charleston, SC 29407

Ranking of Deserts:

  1. Banana Foster Spiced Milkshake

  2. Brownie Sundae

  3. Double Chocolate Cake

  4. Red Velvet Cake


Rainbow Row

RR are blocks of thirteen colorful historic houses in Charleston, South Carolina. Being here feels like you’re in an old time movie. This area is the longest row of Georgian houses in the United States. The name Rainbow Row was coined after the pastel colors they were painted as they were restored in the 1930's and 1940's. The area is really cute and you can get a brunch of cute photos or videos walking along the homes.

Where: 79 - 107 East Bay Street

The Battery

The park goes against the seawall and buzzing with people jogging, having picnics and looking over the water. It's also not far from Rainbow Row. This area is the tip of Charleston and very popular. If you're looking to have a peaceful, nature full day, this spot is a must. There is also a farmers market nearby and many more spots you can walk to from here. There is free parking, so if you want to park and walk this is a great spot to start at.

Where: South of Water Street

This was a great Sunday getaway. I would definitely do it again. There are a ton of historic hotels in the area and I'm sure I will be back to do a whole weekend there soon. There are so many cute little spots in Charleston and I plan o exploring more of the city.

Until Next Time, Stay Safe & Stay Trippin'

Ariel Rose