Travel Partners: 7 Friends NOT To Travel With

You have planned the perfect trip! Now to decide who will be coming along. The outcome of a group trip is always a toss up. It can go really good or really bad. If you’re someone’s “plus one” on a trip, whether it’s a friend or significant other, it can add another element of uncertainty of the vibe of the trip. I’ve had my fair share of good and bad group trips, and if you travel enough you’ll find yourself saying the same thing. Trying to avoid chaos? Here’s 7 examples of those friends you should maybe think about leaving at home.

1. High Maintenance Hannah

Hannah is the friend that everyone is waiting on to leave the hotel/AirBnB. She is typically more concerned about what she wants to do as opposed to what the group wants to do. She does little things like changes the AC every night because “that’s how she has to have it because that’s how it is in her house.” You love Hannah but you also know you don’t have the patients on vaca to worry about her every wish.

2. Drama Queen Debby

As the saying goes, “Save the drama for ya momma.” This may be the worst kind of friend to take on a trip because she’ll suck the fun out of it. Trips are supposed to be about trying new things, adventure, relaxation and having fun. Debby is like a recking ball through all of that. If she’s not having fun, no one is. The drama starts from the moment y’all hit the airport until the time you depart. Do yourself and your group a favor, leave her at the crib.

3. Cheap Chloe & Luxury Lauren

This one is a two sided coin because both can get out of hand. Chloe isn’t wrong for wanting to be economical but she excuses herself from all excursions and impromptu events. It’s almost like she isn’t even part of the group and can bring the morale of the whole group down. She’s only doing what’s free or is included in what she spent already. Lauren on the other hand wants everything top of line. She’s the friend that if she got bumped up to First Class she’d take it in an instant and say, “See you when we land.” She may try to push expensive activities or dinners on the other guest when they are not able to spend the same amount and cause tension within the group. That is the last thing you want.

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