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5 Ways to Travel Affordably

You're all here for a reason and most of the time its to learn how I'm able to travel so often at the low low rates I consistantly do it. I'm going to drop a few of my favorite gems that allows me to travel at the best rates possible year round. By no means does travel have to cost you an arm, leg and limb. Often times, it comes down to timing. Deals are definitely out there!

What’s most important is knowing where to find them and booking them at the right time. I will share with you my go to methods to stay on the go and not break the bank.


Especially now, there are a ton of deals and incentives for both international and domestic travel. Many countries that rely on tourism to sustain its economy are finding safe ways to bring tourist back to their countries. Within the States, you can also find dirt cheap flights and accomdations.

Not sure where you want to go but know you want to go somewhere? Skyscanner is my favorite for this. This will help you master the act of following the sale. With this site and app you can put in your starting location and leave the final destination to whatever you want. You can put United States and it will show you the city that is the cheapest for you to fly into. They also have monthly options. Know you have free time in Novemeber? Click on the November tab and you will see a ton of routes that are listed from low to high.


Have a preferance when it comes to stays? Maybe you prefer IHG over Marriott properties or maybe its the other way around for you. Either way, if you are consistantly stay at the same branch, SIGN UP for the membership. You can even sign up for multiple corporations if you don't have a preferance at all. Its FREE to join and you begin to rack up points that can allow you to have free stays, reduced prices, late checkouts, early check-ins and a ton of other benefits. With many programs, you can also purchase a room with points and money so you still book it with less money out of your pocket.


Have an airline you always fly with? Consider becoming a card member with that airline. Some benefits that comes with an airline credit card are getting miles for paying your bill, typically gaining double miles for travel plans booked with that specific airline. Companies like Delta are partnered with Lyft and you recieve miles ridden on lyft as air miles and double miles for Lyfts to and from the airport. Similar to the hotel benefit, you typically have the option to book airfares with miles or miles and money. With some airlines you can also buy miles. There have been times that I was just a few miles short for a trip and buying the miles still worked out cheaper than purchasing the flight out right.

Apply for an American Express Delta Card with this link and start gaining rewards!

Disclaimer: A credit card is always a responsibilty and should not be taken lightly. If you don’t think you can keep up with the commitment and responsibility of a credit card, that is completely fine. It simply means this isn't the step for you.


In my opinion this has two benefits.

  1. You pay a much lower rate.

  2. There's typically fewer people in the location so tickets to attractions can be easier to come by, reservations are easier to set and service may even be better since staffs aren’t as rushed.

Consider the European tour I took in January as an example. Summer is the high season for Paris and Italy for sure. Going during winter allowed me to go for a much lower rate and miss all the crowds. Flights and stays typically experience a dip in prices. I promise you, you're not missing anything going outside of high season.


Don't book too early and don't book to late. Sometimes we can’t avoid booking late but you can definetly avoid booking too early. There's this misconception that booking far in advance allows for you to get the best deal possible and most times, that's not the case. I won't say its always that way. Sometimes you can get lucky but often times booking within a shorter time bracket actually works out in your favor more.

Enjoy the journey ,


Ariel Rose


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