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Ultimate Spain Travel Guide - Explore Barcelona and Madrid, Spain

Spain has been a dream destination of mine probably since I ever watched cheetah girls as a young girl. When you’ve idealized a destination for years sometimes it doesn’t give the experience it was suppose to. Not with Spain. Spain gave me everything I was expecting and more and I will definitely be back.

Here are all the ins and outs and must knows of traveling to Spain.


The currency in Spain is the Euro. It’s not required to take out cash here because literally everything and everyone takes card. But, If you want to take out cash you can exchange money in the airport very easily although you may see better exchange rates outside or the airport.

Outlets and Adapters

If you haven’t traveled to Europe, be aware they use different outlets than those in the US. If you plan to charge your devices, flat iron your hair or get some work done on your laptop, make sure to bring your adapter. I’ve linked the one I use here. I love this one because you can use it in any country, has multiple plug ins and usb ports. Both of my hotels had USB ports available which is always nice.

Best Way to Get Around

Uber is available in Barcelona and Madrid (the two cities I visited) which is always nice. It’s just as easy to get a taxi and you’ll end up spending about the same rate. Taxis are even an option on the Uber app. Every taxi I rode took card. Some accepted my American Express but some did not. I prefer using my Amex when abroad but I always suggest carrying a Visa or MasterCard with you as those are the most widely accepted world wide.


Now if there’s one thing I’m going to do on a trip, it’s eat, eat and eat some more. One of the most important parts of any destination is the food but it is particularly important in Spanish culture. There were some dishes I just had to have while in Spain like paella, fresh pasta dishes and sangria. I was able to enjoy all of those plus amazing street food!

Barcelona vs Madrid

Before going to Spain sooo many people told me I should spend more time in Barcelona than Madrid. I always take what people say about a destination with a grain of salt (and even less if they’ve never even been). I loved both destinations for different reasons but very happy I went to them both. The water baby in me loved being in Barcelona for the water views and activities. We went sailing and if you know me you know I’m always happy on a boat. The skyline and Mountain View’s from sea are stunning. Madrid on the other hand has a more upscale feel to it but I didn’t find it too posh or snooty. It was extremely clean, beautiful architecture and full of culture.

Enjoy the journey,


Ariel Rose


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