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Ultimate Belize Travel Guide - Luxury & Culture in Belize

Belize is this wonder of a country that sits within Central America but makes you think you’re on a small island in the Caribbean. The warm feeling it gives you from the moment you land is unforgettable. If Belize hasn’t made it to your bucket list of destinations yet, I’ll definitely change your mind!

A typical trip for me is about 3-4 days. It may seem difficult to really see a country and have a full experience during that short time, but I promise it’s possible. This was a fully packed quick trip that was full of culture and adventure.

Where You Should Be Staying

Hamanasi Resort and Adventure: The luxury and substance you get from this resort in Hopkins, Belize is nothing short of fantastic. It combines the things I love most about an all inclusive with the experience of being in the center of culture.

Whether you were to gaze upon the ocean or have the privacy of the rainforest, you can have the best of both worlds here. The process to get there takes some work, but it is more than worth it. Read my full Hamanasi Resort and Adventure Hotel Review here.

What You Should Be Doing

Cultural Experiences:

The highlight of this trip was the Garifuna Cooking class done with Uwani of Palmento Grove Cultural Lodge. This is a MUST. I can’t recommend it enough! Besides learning about the culture, cooking an amazing meal and learning how to play the drums, her energy and passion for her culture shines through and makes it an experience like no other.

Luxury Experiences:

If you want to experience some of the best snorkeling and diving in this region, you have to do it with Hamanasi. I’ve been smirking plenty of times but often I am disappointed by the lack of aquatic life or my ability to see the environment. Neither one of those were the case here. Snorkeling here easily falls into my top 3 best experiences ever.

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This post is in partnership with Hamanasi Resort & Adventure.

Enjoy your journey!


Ariel Rose


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