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Curaçao Must Do - Avila Beach Hotel

There are plenty of beach’s throughout Curaçao but Avila Beach is the perfect spot for an amazing day experience. Getting a Day Pass at Avila Beach Hotel is a must do. The Day Pass includes full access to the beach front property including beach chairs, kayaks, gym and restaurants, a free entrée at their waterfront property and a 30 minute massage at the Cloud 9 Spa.

Once you’re on the property, grab a beach chair, order a drink and enjoy the sunshine. The water is crystal clear and calm.

After enjoying some time in the water and doing some sun bathing, we headed to the spa for an outdoor massage. After a quick survey, we were guided to the best spot on the entire property. Three stories up in an open air tower, we enjoyed our massage while feeling the breeze and listening to the sound of the waves. I didn’t want it to end!


If you’re looking for instagram worthy spots, the property helps you out with signs highlighting the top 10 photo spots throughout the resort. The #1 spot is the same as where we had our massage and for good reason. The view of the water and the resort are unmatched from that viewpoint. If you’re willing to go out onto the rocks that create a protective barrier of the sea for the resort, it will also make for a gorgeous picture.


The perfect thing to do after that amazing massage was to go by the ocean front restaurant, The Pen. We grabbed another drink and ordered lunch. The open air restaurant allows you to still experience the beauty of the beach while getting away from the sand for a bit. The drinks came out picture perfect and tasted great too! I love having a good salad while on the beach and theirs didn’t disappoint. I chose the Chicken Caesar Salad and my friend ordered the Indonesian Style Chicken Sate.

The day came to a picturesque finish watching the sunset in our lounge chairs. We laidback while the Caribbean breeze passed through, the sun made the ocean sparkle and the sky turn orange.


A great bonus to visiting this property is you can take care of your covid testing on site. The process was super easy. I booked an appointment same day. They have multiple time slots in the morning that you can choose from. All personal information required was filled out in the online form and a QR code was sent by email. Once on site, the nurse is able to scan that QR code and generate all your information quickly. Remember to bring your passport with you to your appointment. My results were emailed to me in under 30 minutes.

Hands down, if you need to add some relaxation to your itinerary while you’re in Curaçao, this is the place to be.

Enjoy the journey


Ariel Rose


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